Alaska Cancer Treatment Center

Integrative Labs and Consultative Services

Part of providing the best cancer care in Alaska is being able to offer our patients comprehensive care without asking them to travel to different locations around the city for services such as blood tests or X-ray. We maintain a full laboratory and state-of-the-art imaging equipment at our offices. Some surgical procedures may be conducted by your Institute oncologist at an Anchorage hospital, but in most cases, treatment can be performed in our office.

One of the most common treatments for all types of cancer is radiation therapy, which we perform at our offices. And one of the most exciting advances in radiation therapy is the TrueBeam system. We made the investment in this very advanced technology because it administers radiation treatments more quickly, more accurately and more comfortably for the patient. But more important, it is effective.

Because we have the TrueBeam system in our office, we are able to offer our patients the very best radiation therapy at the same convenient location where we provide consultations, diagnoses and regular monitoring during recovery.