Alaska Cancer Treatment Center

Microwave Ablation Therapy

Cancer Treatment at Alaska Medical Specialties

Alaska Medical Specialties benefits its patients by staying at the forefront of cancer treatment. Microwave ablation is one treatment option for cancer patients. An antenna sends hot microwaves through cancerous tumors, which in turn kills cancerous cells. Unlike chemotherapy and some radiation therapies, microwave ablation therapy targets only cancerous cells.

Microwave ablation is not a cure to cancer; however, its localized technology has significantly improved many cancer patients’ quality of life. Some people use microwave ablation on its own while others use this treatment in conjunction with other methods.

Microwave Ablation: An Outpatient Procedure

People who undergo microwave ablation do not have to be admitted to the hospital, making it one of the more convenient treatment options. Some people do not even need a general or local anesthetic, but this is decided on a case-by-case basis.

After Procedure Monitoring

Rather than leaving immediately after the procedure, patients that undergo microwave ablation are monitored by our medical staff to ensure that the procedure was performed without incident. As with any procedure, there are certain risks involved. Talk to a physician at Alaska Medical Specialties to find out if microwave ablation might be a viable cancer treatment option for you.