Alaska Clinical Research Center

Alaska Clinical Research Center

Delivering Optimal Medical Solutions to Our Community

At the Alaska Clinical Research Center, we are always searching for ways to provide more efficient, affordable, and time-saving solutions for medical care. Because our center is known for using the latest advancements that technology can offer to medicine, we also strive to stay abreast of changes in the industry. One of the ways this is done is by conducting clinical research to evaluate how well these advancements perform as methods of treatment.

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Discovering Innovative Strategies

We pride ourselves on promoting advanced medical care all throughout Alaska through our clinical research team. We want every single member of our community to know that excellent and cutting-edge healthcare is available right here in their home state.

Here are some of our current research studies:

  • Antibody therapy
  • Biological and vaccine treatments
  • Trials with promising new agents

To date, we have successfully completed over 200 clinical trials in urology, oncology, sexual function, and women's health. Our Anchorage research center is also currently conducting studies in Peyronie's disease, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. We invest a significant amount of resources and time into these studies so that we can discover better ways to identify, prevent, and treat diseases.

A New Vision of How to Deliver Healthcare

You won't have to look any further to find a specialist who can provide the optimal care you need. Our friendly staff always makes sure your concerns are met while you are in our care. That is just one factor that sets us apart from other centers. You will also find that our physicians and clinicians are in constant communication with one another, prioritizing our goal to improve our care each and every day. While we operate like a large hospital, we offer the intimacy of a smaller facility.

We strive to achieve "a new vision of how to deliver healthcare" through our studies. Call Alaska Clinical Research Center now to get in touch with our specialists!