Alaska Urological Institute

Kidney Tumor

A tumor is an abnormal mass or growth of tissue that is either benign (harmless), pre-cancerous or cancerous. A tumor of any type can interfere with kidney function and, if cancerous, can eventually require removal of the kidney and / or can spread cancer to other organs. Institute urologists have extensive experience in treating kidney tumors and Institute oncologists are some of the best cancer doctors in Alaska. Working together, we provide a range of treatments specific to kidney tumors.

The kidneys are a vital part of the urinary system, functioning to filter the blood, remove waste from the body and balance bodily fluids. In performing these functions, the kidneys produce urine, which is passed through the rest of the urinary system. Every person normally has two kidneys, located at the rear of the abdomen, that work together. However, a person can live a relatively normal life with one kidney or with reduced function in one or both kidneys.

Kidney tumors are most common in adults, with about 550 children under the age of 15 (out of 60 million nationwide) diagnosed each year.

Some of the symptoms of a kidney tumor are a lump in the rear of the abdomen, pain in the rear of the abdomen and blood in the urine. In many cases, the tumor is not discovered until it has grown. If you detect one or more of these symptoms, do not panic. Chances are high that, even if there is a tumor, it has not yet spread and can be treated successfully.

Institute urologists and oncologists can conduct exams to determine if you or your child has a kidney tumor, such as blood and urine tests, X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound and/or MRI.

If you or your child does have a tumor, our doctors will determine a course of treatment based on the stage of the tumor. Radiation and chemotherapy are effective, but more often, surgery is the most reliable option. An advantage of surgery is that it gives our doctors the opportunity to definitively check other organs and parts of the body to determine whether cancer has spread beyond the tumor site.

AUI doctors are experienced in utilizing the most advanced, most precise high-tech surgical techniques to remove a kidney tumor and get you or your child on the road to good health.