Alaska Urological Institute


Infertility is a relatively common occurrence, affecting up to 15% of American couples. In men, it is usually related to low sperm production, malfunctioning sperm or a blockage in the urological system that prevents sperm from being released properly during ejaculation. The urologists at Alaska Medical Specialties are experts at diagnosing the precise cause of male infertility and providing effective treatment options.

There are several medical conditions that can result in low sperm production, including swelling of the veins that connect to the testicles, infection, diabetes, hormone imbalance, cancerous tumor, and injury to the bladder, prostate or urethra. There are also environmental causes, such as prolonged exposure to industrial chemicals or radiation, and lifestyle causes, such as steroid use and obesity.

We have several effective treatments for male infertility, including medication and surgery. The important first step is an accurate diagnosis of the cause by an expert. The urologists of Alaska Medical Specialties are the most experienced and accredited men’s health doctors in the state.