Alaska Urological Institute

No-Scalpel, No-Needle Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a surgical form of birth control for men that is permanent unless reversed by another procedure. At AUI, we perform no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy, which requires a smaller opening in the skin than traditional vasectomy does. It is just as effective as traditional vasectomy and usually takes about 15 minutes, followed by one to three days of rest at home.

Vasectomy works by preventing sperm from being released during ejaculation. A doctor clamps, cuts or cauterizes the vas deferens, which is the tube that connects the testicles (which produce sperm) with the urethra (where sperm and semen are ejaculated out of the penis). After vasectomy, semen is still ejaculated during orgasm, but sperm is not.

In no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy, rather than cut the skin of the scrotum, a doctor pierces the skin with a small clamp, then widens the clamp, creating a small opening. This produces less bleeding and fewer complications. Afterward, the opening may be closed with sutures, but will likely be small enough to close with a bandage.

Vasectomy is 99.85% effective and does not reduce a man’s sex drive, ability to achieve erections or sensation of orgasm. No-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy results in less discomfort and faster recovery for patients. is a great online resource for more information.