Alaska Urological Institute

Bedwetting / Urinary Incontinence

Both boys and girls sometimes have trouble with urinary incontinence (UI). From bedwetting to daytime accidents, there are many possible reasons your child cannot hold his or her urine. Our pediatric urologists can help you determine whether the reason is related to behavior or a medical condition. If the cause is medical, we can address your child’s condition with a number of effective treatments.

Medical causes for UI in children range from urinary tract infection to diabetes to organ abnormality. In addition, some diseases and injuries can cause disruption of the urinary function.

Often, a child with UI does not experience or admit to symptoms. But there may be symptoms that you, as a parent, can recognize. Conditions such as urinary tract infection or a damaged kidney can result in symptoms such as pain or a burning sensation when urinating, frequent urge to urinate but not producing a significant volume of urine, a heavy-feeling stomach, pain on one side, or discolored, bloody or cloudy urine.

If your child – male or female – is experiencing persistent urinary incontinence, an examination by a urologist is the first step in finding the right treatment. The Institute’s pediatric urologists are among Alaska’s most experienced physicians in working with children to diagnose their conditions and in providing minimally invasive treatments that put both child’s and parent’s minds at ease.