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Holly Nordlum

My work incorporates a variety of media and materials, but there is always a sense of my culture. I grew up in Kotzebue, Alaska and am Inupiaq. I use birds, such as owls and ravens to depict my ideas, as my Inupiaq name literally translates to ‘a place where birds land.’ The owl can see through the night and into the hidden places of life and the raven has a traditional place on top of the reincarnation triangle. ‘Abstract No. 11’ is my take on a traditional Inupiaq mask. Some of my other prints depict Ugruks or bearded seals which are a main source of food and clothing in coastal Inupiaq culture. Now theyare revered skins and even a delicacy for us Urban Inupiaq. This is my homage to those animals, the sea, and what it has given us.